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Jackie Lee Houston Shining Star

This program rewards Eisenhower staff members that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of Eisnhower Medical Center's five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.

If you or a loved one has had an exceptional patient experience and you would like an Eisenhower staff member recognized for this please complete the following Shining Star nomination form. NOTE: All published stories will have names and personal identifiers removed to protect patient privacy.

Contact Information
  1. Please provide this information as we may need to contact you for additional details or clarification.
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Nominee Information
  1. If you do not know the name of the person you would like to nominate, please provide additional details here. We will do our best to identify the staff member from the details you provide.
    1. Safety - Ensure that our patients and guests are secure from harm or danger (medication errors, etc.). Joint Commission and other safety standards must be consistently complied with.
    2. Clinical/Professional Excellence - Ensure that we do the "right things" so measured outcomes meet or exceed agreed upon expectations. Always practice respected clinical practice policies, procedures and other standards.
    3. Courtesy/Caring - Use good manners. Be polite and respectful of our patients and guests. Always be emotionally sensitive to each individual, whether patient, family, visitor or fellow employee.
    4. Healing Environment - Develop and maintain a supportive setting that embraces the physical, emotional, and spritual aspects of health and healing.
    5. Efficiency - Manage and produce effectively with a minimum of waste.
  2. What was the situation, task, opportunity or challenge?
  3. What was said or done in response?
  4. What changed for the better because of the nominee's actions?
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