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Planned Giving

Eisenhower Medical Center was founded upon the principle of philanthropy to drive our ongoing efforts to provide health care as it should be. When President Eisenhower was asked if his name might be considered for the medical center, he agreed with the proviso that philanthropy from the community be the cornerstone of building to ensure our long-term success. Planned giving is an integral part of that effort.


We exist temporarily through what we take, but we live forever through what we give.

It is said that by the simple act of giving, we receive more than we ever thought imaginable-whether it is the gratitude for a life that has been changed, a smile that lights up a child's eyes, or the realization of a vision inspired by philanthropy. We offer various options where you and your family can reap the benefits of long-term income plus current tax deductions. Please allow us to help you fully recognize the success you have achieved during your lifetime.

You do have the power to shape our future. We invite you to explore Eisenhower Medical Center and learn more about our programs, services and health care philosophy. To learn more about Planned Giving contact Greg Mattox, Planned Giving Director at 760-773-2967