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Staff Documents

    This folder is restricted. Please login with your network credentials to view the documents.

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    Login Help
    1. Are you getting a username/password error?
      • The Login is your EMC employee ID and network password unless you have been instructed otherwise.
      • Verify your CAPS-LOCK is off. The password is case sensitive.
    2. Are you able to view the document list but when clicking a document you are logged back out?
      • The system requires you to accept cookies from If your computer is blocking the cookie you will not be able to stay logged-in.
      • Visit to learn how to enable cookies for one website (
    3. When you download the document is it blank?
      • First step is to reboot your computer and try it again. The PDF viewer requires quite a bit of memory and if your machine hasn't been rebooted in a while or you have many programs running in the background it may render the PDF as blank. A reboot will resolve this issue.
      • If it still comes up blank, you will need to uninstall reinstall Adobe Acrobat reader on your computer.