5 Things

you can do right now as part of your wellness routine:

1. Listen to Mozart
Play a favorite or new Mozart selection, close your eyes and really listen. It may change the course of your entire day.

2. Draw a Self Portrait
Choose the age you wish to capture and draw what you see or remember. Stick figures count, too! Tape it to your fridge and smile whenever you pass by.

3. Call a Sibling or Friend
Call someone special and share a good story, a recent good book or your astute weather prediction.

4. Learn a New Instrument
Give your brain a workout and sign up to take lessons to learn a new instrument or to improve the skills you already have.  Learning music is a powerful way to exercise your mind.

5. Count Backwards from 100 by Threes
Get in a few mental pushups by challenging yourself to count backwards by odd numbers.