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  • Health Care As It Should Be

    Health care as we know it is dynamic and evolving, and at Eisenhower Medical Center, we are looking toward the future.We all recognize that needs change and new treatments and technologies emerge. But sometimes, health care institutions tend to... click for more
  • Eisenhower and UCLA Partner

    It sounds like the stuff of science fiction — using a robot to perform surgery long-distance (what’s called “telesurgery”). Yet this amazing technology already exists, and Eisenhower Medical Center — a leader in robotic-assisted surgery — is... click for more
  • The Eisenhower Center for Geropsychiatry

    Loss is an inevitable part of life. But as we age, the losses seem to mount as spouses and friends grow ill or die, and our own health issues compromise our ability to function as we did when we were younger. It is no wonder that an estimated six... click for more
  • Eisenhower Hosts Sixth Annual Critical Care Conference

    Eisenhower Medical Center held its sixth annual Critical Care conference at the Annenberg Center for Health Sciences at Eisenhower on Saturday, April 24, 2010. The annual conference focuses on issues related to the care of critically-ill patients,... click for more
  • The New Eisenhower Walter and Leonore Annenberg Pavilion

    Dedicated to the late Ambassador and Mrs.Annenberg, the new 250,000-square-foot Eisenhower Walter and Leonore Annenberg Pavilion is scheduled to open in Fall 2010. The stunning new 250-bed Pavilion has been conceived with all the essential elements... click for more
  • Jump Start Fitness

    The BasicsBoot camps are generally held as four to eight week sessions and meet either in the early morning or early evening. Groups are usually limited in size (six to 10 people), and class participants can attend as few or as many sessions per... click for more
  • 5 Things

    1.  Eliminate FearTake baby steps. Open up and talk to someone you trust. Get help. Change your attitude. Then...face your fear! 2.  Find a Great PumpkinPumpkin is rich in carotenoids (which boost the imune system). beta-carotene ( a... click for more
  • Raul Ruiz, MD, MPP, MPH

    Eisenhower Medical Center Emergency Medicine physician, Raul Ruiz, MD received the Humanitarian Healthcare Award from the Rancho Mirage Chamber of Commerce on April 28, 2010. The award recognized Dr. Ruiz’s work in Haiti after the region’s... click for more
  • David A. Friscia, MD

    Eisenhower Medical Center Orthopedic Surgeon David A. Friscia, MD was installed as President of the Riverside County Medical Association (RCMA) on January 22 at the Westin Mission Hills Resort in Rancho Mirage. A 20-year veteran of Eisenhower... click for more
  • John Samples, MD

    When he is not at Eisenhower Medical Center or helping patients in his clinic in Rancho Mirage, Internal Medicine physician John Samples, MD and his wife Feona, a nurse, can often be found helping members of their community. “We have a health and... click for more
  • John Herling, MD

    Growing up in Plainview, Long Island, John Herling, MD remembers working the counter of the coffee shop at the small community hospital where his mom worked.“I would go to the hospital and see my mom there when I was a young kid. I just got... click for more
  • A Fresh Approach

    When Stanley and Roberta (Bobbie) Gold’s long-time Eisenhower family physician Lawrence Cone, MD passed away in 2009, they were in a quandary. “We’d been seeing him for decades,” says Bobbie.“He was a walking encyclopedia about our medical history,... click for more
  • A Primer On Primary Care

    A primary care physician is a doctor who takes care of a patient’s overall health care needs. He or she is a person’s first point of contact for health care, seeing patients for preventive care, physicals, routine tests, immunizations, and to treat... click for more
  • The Future of Primary Care

    The American College of Physicians recently voiced concern about a shortage of physicians, particularly general internists who are the traditional primary care physician for most Americans. In 2007, a survey of students graduating from medical... click for more
  • Eisenhower Executive Physical Program

    Early this year, Eisenhower Medical Center opened its new three-story, state-of-the-art 92,000-square-foot Eisenhower George and Julia Argyros Health Center. One of the unique services available at the Argyros Center is Eisenhower’s new Executive... click for more
  • Eisenhower Acquires the Penumbra Stroke System

    Eisenhower recently added the Penumbra Stroke System® to its arsenal of tools for treating acute ischemic stroke. Ischemia refers to the lack of blood flow, and an ischemic stroke is usually caused by a blood clot that blocks the flow of blood to... click for more
  • Bighorn Behind A Miracle Funds New Technology At Eisenhower

    Whole-breast ultrasound has been called a new frontier in breast imaging. It’s an advanced way of imaging the breast that improves the detection and diagnosis of breast abnormalities through better visualization of breast tissue…and it’s now... click for more
  • Eisenhower Desert Orthopedic Center

    From March 6 to 22, 2010, members of Eisenhower Desert Orthopedic Center provided 24-hour comprehensive medical care to the athletes of the BNP Paribas Open.Held in Indian Wells, the BNP Paribas is the fifth most well-attended tennis tournament in... click for more
  • High Flying Weekend

    Summon your inner daredevil and take off to San Diego for a perfect weekend of aeronautic adventure. Attend the Miramar Air Show,Marines: A Tradition of Uncommon Valor, October 1 to 3, honoring the 65th anniversary of the Battle of Iwo Jima.Marvel... click for more
  • Wellness-Is It In You

    A popular sports drink advertisement asks the question, “Is it in you?”Wellness is a term used to describe the state of one’s health at a given time — whether it is good…or not so good.Many factors contribute to your state of wellness that you can... click for more
  • 20 ways To lose 20

    To lose one pound of weight you need to cut back 3,500 calories from food, or increase your activity level to burn an additional 3,500 calories. However, most people do not realize that cutting back just 200 calories a day will result in a weight... click for more