Fall 2010

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  • Eisenhower and UCLA Partner - It sounds like the stuff of science fiction — using a robot to perform surgery long-distance (what’s called “telesurgery”). Yet this amazing technology already exists,... more
  • The Eisenhower Center for Geropsychiatry - Loss is an inevitable part of life. But as we age, the losses seem to mount as spouses and friends grow ill or die, and our own health issues compromise our ability to... more
  • Get Your Flu Shot! - If you’ve ever had the flu, you probably remember how miserable you were.While most of us dread the inconvenience of a bout of flu, it is actually a highly contagious... more
  • Eisenhower Hosts Sixth Annual Critical Care... - Eisenhower Medical Center held its sixth annual Critical Care conference at the Annenberg Center for Health Sciences at Eisenhower on Saturday, April 24, 2010. The... more
  • The New Eisenhower Walter and Leonore Annenberg... - Dedicated to the late Ambassador and Mrs.Annenberg, the new 250,000-square-foot Eisenhower Walter and Leonore Annenberg Pavilion is scheduled to open in Fall 2010. The... more