G. Aubrey Serfling

On behalf of the physicians and staff in Graduate Medical Education (GME) at Eisenhower Medical Center, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our GME web pages, where you can learn about Eisenhower's Family Medicine and Internal Medicine Residency Programs and medical school clerkships.

You have our assurance that Eisenhower Medical Center is committed to your medical education through the hiring of tenured program directors, world-class physicians and experienced staff. The pages you are viewing contain important information about the residencies: their mission and focus, curriculum and rotations, call schedules, and the specific program strengths.

Thank you for your interest in Eisenhower Medical Center and our Graduate Medical Education program.

Warm Regards,
G. Aubrey Serfling
G. Aubrey Serfling
President and Chief Executive Officer
Eisenhower Medical Center


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