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Ten Tips for Lowering Your Cholesterol

Many simple dietary changes may help to improve your cholesterol level.

Here are 10 basic tips to get you started:

Limit high fat meats except fatty fish
• Focus on lean meats such as white meat chicken or turkey or fish
• Fatty fish is a good source of omega 3 fatty acids and should be included in the diet

Limit whole milk dairy products
• Use 1% low fat or nonfat dairy products from cheeses to yogurts
• Substitute low fat milk or soy milk in coffee

Limit intake of egg yolks
• Eat more egg whites and fewer yolks
• Try egg beaters or liquid egg whites
• Try scrambled tofu instead of scrambled eggs
•  “Stretch” eggs with 2 additional whites to every 1 egg

Eat more soluble fiber
• Soluble fiber helps remove cholesterol from the body
• Oats and beans are good sources of soluble fiber

Avoid fried foods
• Trying breading and baking foods that are usually fried such as baked breaded chicken instead of fried chicken.
• Trying baking foods like potato wedges instead of frying to make “fries”

Watch dressings
• Use low fat or no fat/no oil dressings for salads
• Limit high fat dressings that can add up on a salad

Watch condiments
• Regular mayonnaise contains about 100 calories of fat per serving
• Replacing high fat condiments with mustard or low fat/non fat/no oil condiments can help reduce your fat intake

Do include good fats
• Small amounts of  avocados, nuts, seeds, olives/olive oil are good sources of healthful plant fats-include these in your diet
• Also, fatty fish such as salmon are good sources omega-3-fatty acid, a fat that may help improve your cholesterol level.

Try new foods
• Instead of a steak, try salmon
• Instead of a hamburger, try a black bean vegan burger or a grilled portabella mushroom burger

Make good food choices while dining out
• Plan ahead
• Go to restaurants that prepare healthful foods in a healthful manner
• Read menus in advance if possible.
• Read the nutritional information, if available, before ordering.