Five Star Club

Five Star Club


The Eisenhower Five Star Club is an adult day care center providing a much needed alternative for many frail adults and their families.

All too frequently illnesses such as stroke, glaucoma, Alzheimer's, depression or Parkinson's leave an individual cut off from opportunities for friendship and independence. Those who care for a frail adult often feel overwhelmed by daily demands and need some help.

The Eisenhower Five Star Club offers both respite for the caregiver and the chance for the individual member to develop skills and explore new interests.

The Eisenhower Five Star Club helps its members in many ways. The center is designed to:

  • Maximize members' health and independence through therapeutic activities.
  • Encourage friendships to flourish, minds to be stimulated and independence to be celebrated.

Who Provides Care and Support?

The Eisenhower Five Star Club's qualified staff genuinely cares about each member's well-being. Staff are committed to helping members maintain and increase their optimum functional level through recreational, social and mental stimulation.

Because the Five Star Club is sponsored by Eisenhower Medical Center, club members, caregivers and families can be assured that Eisenhower's standard of excellence is always maintained.

What Does Membership Include?

As a member of the Eisenhower Five Star Club, your personalized care plan may include all or some of the following activities and services:

  • Scheduled weekday attendance at the Club
  • Personal care and bathing assistance
  • Referrals to other community services
  • Family support groups Financial assistance for membership
  • Meals (full lunch and two snacks)

What Does it Cost to Join?

  • Much less than you think, especially when compared to other alternatives of care.
  • Discounts and scholarships are available for those on a limited budget.

Goals of Eisenhower Five Star Club

The following goals of Eisenhower Five Star Club Adult Day Care Center are in compliance with accreditation requirements of The Joint Commission:

  • To become the Coachella Valley's role model in adult day care services.
  • To manage a cost effective organization consistent with funding sources.
  • To increase the community's awareness of the Eisenhower Five Star Club through outreach and educational opportunities.
  • To become an innovative research center for caregivers and participants.
  • To educate medical and health professionals via networking opportunities.

 Who Do I Call?

To find out more about the Eisenhower Five Star Club for yourself, or someone you know, call 760-836-0232. A counselor will arrange a private, confidential meeting to explore membership.