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    News from Eisenhower Medical Center

    News from Eisenhower Medical Center

    August 2014

    • Features

    • Eisenhower Residency Program Aims To Keep New... - Kenneth Yu has picked up his white coat and spent the past couple of weeks making rounds in Eisenhower Medical Center’s Intensive Care Unit, visiting patients at their... more
    • The Complexities of the Rotator Cuff - Every year thousands of Americans are stricken with shoulder pain due to an injury involving the rotator cuff. Whether you are an athlete, weekend warrior or even if you... more
    • Passionate about Breakthroughs in Treating... - With a true fascination for the intricacies of the human body and the heart of a scientist, Elke Jost-Vu, MD, is perfectly suited to treat the patients she sees most... more
    • Highlights

    • September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month - The Eisenhower Lucy Curci Cancer Center is hosting a Prostate Awareness Lecture Series thoughtout the month. Listed below are several of the offerings.  Go to... more
    • Upcoming Events

    • Calendar - For information call the number listed, or visit emc.org/calendar. Most events require early pre-registration, unless otherwise stated. Quit Smoking Now! Series... more