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  • Fall 2014
    Eisenhower Wound Care Center - 10/24/2014 - A Dynamic, Comprehensive Approach to Healing         Imagine having a wound that won’t heal for months, even years. For an estimated... more
  • Spring 2014
    Eisehower Lucy Curci Cancer Center - 03/06/2014 - A healing place like no other.These words accurately reflect what Eisenhower Lucy Curci Cancer Center offers to people with cancer and their families. The nationally... more
  • Winter 2014
    Getting to the Heart of the Matter - 01/01/2014 - In this issue of Healthy Living, the focus is on Eisenhower’s Cardiovascular Center of Excellence — a fitting topic to start the New Year as many of us make resolutions... more
  • Fall 2013
    Joe Whittaker’s Life-Saving, Life-Renewing... - 11/01/2013 - Joe Whittaker is a man of many talents. A successful business man who hails from Alberta, Canada, he is kind and generous, recently establishing with his wife Darlene a... more
  • Spring 2013
    Changing Lives - 03/01/2013 - Don’t wait — exercise your right to great health at the Eisenhower Renker Wellness Center, which features dynamic cardiac and pulmonary wellness programs. Offering... more
  • Winter 2013
    Eisenhower Medical Center Reaccredited As Chest... - 01/01/2013 - Eisenhower Medical Center has again received full accreditation as a chest pain center from the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care (SCPC). Originally accredited in... more
  • Fall 2012
    Get Your Flu Shot! - 11/01/2012 - Flu season usually begins in October and can last through May. Influenza (the flu) is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses. It can cause mild to... more
  • Spring 2012
    Eisenhower Imaging Center - 03/01/2012 - In January, Eisenhower Medical Center began offering patients the next generation in diagnostic imaging power with the Philips GEMINI TF (TruFlight) PET/CT system with... more
  • Winter 2012
    Shahin Etebar, MD - 01/01/2012 - Elected by his peers, Shahin Etebar, MD will serve as President of the Medical Staff of Eisenhower Medical Center for a two-year term (2012 – 2013). Dr. Etebar is a... more
  • Fall 2011
    Working Wonders with Physical Therapy - 11/01/2011 - Osteoporosis and urinary incontinence are two conditions that affect both men and women but are largely associated with the female population. Recent figures estimate... more
  • Spring 2011
    Gloria Engel, MD - 03/01/2011 - The first inkling Dr. Gloria Engel can recall of wanting to become a doctor was watching the Emmy® award-winning television show Medic when she was just a child growing... more
  • Winter 2011
    Video Games - 12/01/2010 - If you are a parent, or even a grandparent, you are aware of the video game generation. It is widely known that children today, and even a good portion of adults, spend... more
  • Fall 2010
    Preventing Seasonal Flu: Get Vaccinated - 01/04/2011 - If you’ve ever had the flu, you probably remember how miserable you were. While most of us dread the inconvenience of a bout of flu, it is actually a highly contagious... more
  • Winter 2010
    The Journey Of Recovery - 12/01/2009 - The journey of recovery from a stroke begins immediately, and Eisenhower Medical Center’s Rehabilitation Services has a team of experts to assist stroke patients every... more
  • Summer 2010
    A Pound Of Cure - 06/01/2010 - As you know, coronary artery disease is the single leading cause of death in the United States today. As difficult as this fact may be to accept, I firmly believe that... more
  • Spring 2010
    5 Things - 03/01/2010 - 1.  Get Some Shut EyeWe need seven to eight hours for maximum, but issues such as insomnia, sleep apnea, and frequent urination can keep you awake.  If you are... more
  • Summer 2009
    EISENHOWER HOSTS FIFTH ANNUAL CRITICAL CARE... - 07/01/2009 - Eisenhower Medical Center held its fifth annual Critical Care conference at the Annenberg Center for Health Sciences at Eisenhower on Saturday, May 16, 2009. The annual... more
  • Fall 2009
    The Gold Seal Of Approval - 09/01/2009 - Eisenhower Medical Center’s Joint Replacement Center has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval™ for both Total Hip Replacement and Total Knee Replacement.... more
  • Nov-Dec 2002
    Do You Know the Face of Arthritis? - 11/01/2002 - Arthritis is not an inevitable part of aging. It affects 43 million people — or one in six Americans — including children, teens and senior citizens alike. ... more
  • Winter 2009
    Day of Caring - 04/01/2009 - On Friday, February 13, 2009, from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Eisenhower Lucy Curci Cancer Center will host Day of Caring…about Women and Cancer. This annual event provides... more
  • Spring 2009
    Good Health - 03/01/2009 - Eisenhower’s Rehabilitation Services Department has recently opened the Pelvic Health Clinic, a program designed to treat conditions relating to the pelvic floor.... more
  • Spring 2008
    The Ambassador Society - 03/01/2008 - The success of Eisenhower Medical Center’s philanthropic efforts has been so outstanding that the Board of Governors agreed to establish a level of recognition that... more
  • Summer 2008
    Eisenhower’s Mitruka Trains India’s Top Heart... - 06/01/2008 - Eisenhower Medical Center Cardiovascular Surgeon S. N. Mitruka, MD traveled to Chennai, India in January 2008 to train 50 of India’s top heart surgeons. Dr. Mitruka... more
  • Fall 2008
    Consulting a Nutrition Expert - 09/01/2008 - Good nutrition is a key building block for good health. Eating a balanced diet not only helps in maintaining a healthy weight, but also is critical in managing diabetes,... more
  • Winter 2007
    Heart Failure: 21st Century Epidemic - 01/01/2008 - Heart failure is one of three cardiovascular epidemics of the 21st century — the others being atrial fibrillation and diabetes mellitus with its attendant ... more
  • Fall 2007
    Massage: More Than Pampering - 09/01/2007 - Massage is one of the oldest forms of holistic medical treatment, dating back thousands of years. China is often credited with the earliest forms of massage, ... more
  • Summer 2007
    One Vision and One Mission - Excellence - 06/01/2007 - In the Summer 2007 issue of Healthy Living, our Physician’s Roundtable addresses the importance of moving forward in health care through medical research and clinical... more
  • Spring 2007
    April is Alcohol Awareness Month - 03/01/2007 - Affecting one in five families, the pervasive nature of alcoholism touches people of every race, religion and socio-economic background and the statistics are... more
  • Winter 2006
    Your Guide To Good Health : 5 Things - 11/01/2006 - Close your eyes and breathe deeply and slowly for one minute or more. Whether you do this once or several times a day, it will help you relax and regain your focus. ... more
  • Jul-Aug 2006
    Eisenhower Lucy Curci Cancer Center’s Cooking for... - 07/01/2006 - Roger Liang, Chef Partner, Roy’s Restaurant, Rancho Mirage, demonstrates how to perfect a sun-dried tomato beurre blanc sauce that accompanies a steamed Alaskan halibut... more
  • May-Jun 2006
    Charlene Hankal - 05/01/2006 - Their house in Modesto, California, sits at the end of a long, paved road, surrounded by acres and acres of almond trees. Cold, foggy winters and hot summers provide the... more
  • Mar-Apr 2006
    Eisenhower Lucy Curci Cancer Center - 03/01/2006 - On Friday, March 31, 2006, 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Eisenhower Lucy Curci Cancer Center will host Day of Caring. . . about Women and Cancer. This event will focus on cancer... more
  • Mar-Apr 2005
    Take a Rare Tour of Catalina Island’s Outback - 03/01/2005 - If you haven’t visited Southern California’s very own island paradise, Catalina Island, lately, no problem — it hasn’t changed much. Of course, that is the charm of this... more
  • Jan-Feb 2006
    20th Anniversary - 01/01/2006 - The 18th annual Frank Sinatra Countrywide Celebrity Invitational Golf Tournament hosted by Barbara Sinatra is set for Friday, February 24 and Saturday, February 25, 2006... more
  • Nov-Dec 2005
    She’s Not in Kansas Anymore - 11/01/2005 - Her first thought was one of terror – “absolute terror.” That’s what Yvonne Hawk,an otherwise healthy and active 62-year-old, felt when she received the startling... more
  • Sep-Oct 2005
    Apples and Art in Oak Glen - 09/01/2005 - The foothill area of the inland empire of San Bernardino is close to the desert, yet a “history” away in agrarian offerings.Take a leisurely day trip and discover its... more
  • Jul-Aug 2005
    IT’S MORE THAN A NAME Eisenhower Urgent Care... - 07/01/2005 - It’s the “urgent” in Eisenhower Urgent Care Center that sets it apart from a visit to a primary physician. And the Eisenhower Urgent Care Center has adjusted its hours,... more
  • May-Jun 2005
    Eisenhower Medical Center – A Winning Combination - 05/01/2005 - Situated on a 130-acre campus in the heart of the Coachella Valley, Eisenhower Medical Center is a dynamic, progressive, not-for-profit health care complex. The campus... more
  • Sep-Oct 2004
    Get Moving - 09/10/2004 - Get Moving
  • Jan-Feb 2005
    Being Healthy Is The Good Life! - 01/01/2005 - Golf legend Arnold Palmer met with Eisenhower Medical Center Foundation President Michael Landes to discuss Arnie’s own experiences with prostate cancer, his personal... more
  • Jul-Aug 2004
    The Bionic Golfer - 07/01/2004 - Four knee injuries from football and skiing didn’t keep sixtytwo- year-old J.R. (James Richard) Delich off the golf course. Yet, a year ago this scratch player and... more
  • Mar-Apr 2004
    Surviving a Heart Attack: Sharon Cotterman Tells... - 03/01/2004 - Sixty-one-year-old Sharon Cotterman of Kansas City woke up at 2:30 a.m. on the morning of November 15, 2000, feeling nauseated and hot. She and her... more
  • Jan-Feb 2004
    Osteoarthritis: The Most Common Form of Arthritis - 01/01/2004 - You hear a lot about arthritis on television, in newspaper flyers, and in health care magazine ads. But did you know that there are more than 100 different... more