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Jan-Feb 2006

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  • When the Heart Races - I felt like my heart was bouncing on my chest. I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t lie down…my condition was very disabling and I was extremely exhausted. It didn’t matter what... more
  • Joint Replacement? - If behavior modification and medical therapy fail to improve arthritic symptoms, joint replacement should be considered. Every year, thousands of arthritis sufferers... more
  • President’s Message Jan-Feb 2006 - With the dawn of the new year, many people take time to evaluate life, including the critical issue of their personal health. We are here to help. Each Healthy Living... more
  • When Minutes Matter - At the heart of the Eisenhower Medical Center hospital is the Cardiac Catheterization Lab — one of the central command centers of the Eisenhower campus, an area where... more
  • Atrial Fibrillation 101 - It’s an odd feeling. Your heart races or skips a beat or feels fluttery. For a split second, you wonder if something is wrong with your heart or if it was just that... more
  • Navigating the Insurance Maze - If you’ve been curious about HICAP, the Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program, wonder no more. Much more than just another acronym to remember, this... more
  • Atrial Fibrillation: Diagnosis and Options for... - Each year approximately 160,000 people will be diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. Most often striking those over the age of 60, it can be a frightening experience,... more
  • Mark Benson, DO - The Family Man - Perhaps it’s the fact that he’s a family man that makes Mark Benson, DO, such a remarkable family practitioner. The father of two sons — Alan, 20, currently a student at... more
  • Bring Back Carrots, Potatoes and Brown Rice! - In 1981, the glycemic index was created with the hope of improving the dietary management of diabetes. The index was based on the elevation of a person’s blood glucose,... more
  • Leading the Way - Comprehensive Parkinson’s Care... - In part one of the About Parkinson’s series, “Leading the Way — Comprehensive Parkinson’s Care at Eisenhower,” Healthy Living magazine presented the staff and services... more
  • New Year - New Breakfast Resolution - It’s that time of year again for making New Year’s resolutions. For many, the overindulgence during the holiday season makes weight loss one of the top New Year’s... more
  • Psychological Effects of Exercise - The physical benefits of participating in a consistent exercise program are common knowledge. But one benefit that rarely gets much attention is improved psychological... more
  • Charming, Eclectic Old Towne Orange - Billed as the “Antique Capital of California,” Old Towne Orange beckons visitors from all over suburban Orange County and Southern California to stroll its charming... more
  • Medicare’s New Prescription Drug Benefit - According to the Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program (HICAP), the choices for Medicare prescription drug coverage depend on the kind of health coverage an... more
  • Eisenhower — One of the First in the United... - Radioactive seeds have been used to cure thousands of cases of prostate cancer since their first use 40 years ago. Now, the Arnold Palmer Prostate Center at Eisenhower... more
  • New Eisenhower Urgent Care Center at Indian Wells... - On January 6, 2006, members of Eisenhower Medical Center’s Executive Leadership Team and Board of Directors and Trustees joined Ed Monarch, Mayor, City of Indian Wells,... more
  • Eisenhower Surgeon First in the Valley To Perform... - Beatriz Zamora, 35 years old, suffered excruciating pain, spasms, weakness and fatigue as a result of a tear at the L5 disc in her spine. The longest amount of time... more
  • Expert Cardiac Care - Eisenhower Smilow Heart Center was recently recognized as one of 28 California hospitals to provide expert cardiac care to its patients. As part of Blue Shield of... more
  • Issues of the Heart - Eisenhower Medical Center will take part in several events in February, National Heart Month, to raise awareness of the prevalence of heart disease in this country. On... more